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Being not only an ancient town that has a long and amazing history recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in1999, but also one of the most romantic cities all over the world, Hoi An offers you the scent of traditional Vietnamese culture mixed with various other cultures in architecture and customs. The history of Hoi An started in the early of 02nd century with Cham civilization and bloomed from 15th to 18th century as one of the most popular commercial ports in South East Asia. Gently you will be allured by the town and what it can bring to you. Hoi Anis also renowned worldwide by its handicrafts and tailor-ship. Coming to Hoi An, tourists can immerse in breeze of Vietnam’s country by joining bicycle tour around the village, boat tour on Thu Bon river or relaxing on the beach of An Bang – one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire world.

Places to visit

Chinese Assembly Halls

Located inside of the Ancient Town are some Chinese Assembly Halls where Chinese merchants and citizens of the town used to come to these assembly halls to socialize and host religious ritual, some later transformed into temples to dedicate their god and goddess. Some famous assembly halls that worth visiting are Phuc Kien (Fujian) Assembly Hall, Quang Dong (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, Trung Hoa (Chinese) Assembly Hall…

The Japanese Bridge

Instructed by the Japanese trading community in 1593 and finished 2 years later to connect two sides of the town that were separated by a branch of the Thu Bon river, the Japanese Bridge is famous for its own unique architecture presenting the country of Sakura. Such a place that can’t be ignored for those who want to take amazing photos, with a charming historical background and a beautiful red faded color. At night, the bridge looks really stunning and elegant thanks to the paper lantern light.

Ancient Houses

Representing the mixing architecture and culture of China and Japan with Vietnam, the ancient houses are one of the must to visit in Hoi An as the perfect examples for 18th century major commercial port town. Through generations, the houses here are maintained really well and attract a lots of tourists who want to know more about how people lived in the golden age of Hoi An Ancient Town, Famous ancient houses  for tourists to visit are Tan Ky,Phung Hung, Quan Thang.

Traditional Occupational Villages

As a part of the brilliant history of Hoi An Ancient Town, the traditional occupational villages gradually raised their fame of beautiful artworks during the time Hoi An developed to become most commercial port in South East Asia. Kim Bong Carpentry Village is the cradle of artisans working on furniture houses across the country, from prominent buildings in Ha Noi to the royal tombs in Hue Citadel or most architectural projects in Hoi An’s heyday. Thanh Ha Pottery Village is famous for its clay mixing techniques, burning and baking time, heat modulations to bring out amazing articles which are exported world over. Beside of that we also have Tra Que Vegetable Village which is well-known for over 20 types of leaf vegetables and herbs and Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting Village with skillful artisans who are keen on making unique musical instruments, statues and other masterpieces from bronze.

Local Delicacies

Coming to Hoi An Ancient Town, traditional food is something you definitely have to try. Reflecting the humans and the country, the local delicacies bring some scent and taste that maybe you have found in Chinese and Japanese, even Indian cuisines. Among delicious yet elegant and flavorful foods that are on the list, some of our recommendations are “cao lau” (a quintessential dish of Hoi An featuring thick, chewy noodles which looks slightly like Japanese don), banh bao – banh vac (Hoi An dumpling, usually referred as “white rose cake”), banh mi (you can find the best of the famous Vietnamese baguette sandwich in Hoi An acclaimed by chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain) and com ga (rice cooked in chicken stock served with boiled and shredded chicken meat and Hoi An chilli sauce, lime juice, Vietnamese cilantro and sliced onion).