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Da Nang ranked 6th most improved city to visit in 2015

Da Nang has recently been ranked as the 6th most improved city in the world to visit in 2015 by THERICHEST magazine. 

“Da Nang, located on the central coast of Viet Nam, has been the place travelers pass through in order to get to historic Hoi An.  However, Da Nang has earned its place as a legitimate travel destination for 2015”, the article says. 

The description goes on to say: “The city of almost a million people created an airport expansion in 2011, and shortly after resorts began popping up all along the coast.  Da Nang’s charm and incredible food is something that everyone should experience.  With direct flights from Hong Kong, Da Nang is fairly easy to access.  The unique and newly-developed hotels allow tourists to experience a cultured and exciting vacation worthy of a 2015 trip.”

An overview of Da Nang at night

An overview of Da Nang at night

Previously, Da Nang had been recommended by the New York Times as one of the world’s top 52 ideal destinations to visit this year. 

The world’s top 10 most improved cities to visit in 2015 by the Richest magazine are:

1  Caceres, Spain

2  Adelaide, Australia

3  Medellin, Colombia

4  Durban, South Africa

5  St. Kitts, West Indies

6  Da Nang, Viet Nam

7  Milan, Italy

8  New Orleans, USA

9  Montreal, Canada

10  Havana, Cuba