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Spa & Beauty


Release your body and embark yourself on the journey of soothing your senses and purifying your soul. Let our therapists take you away from the normal exhausted life to our new spa treatments from Thailand which is famous for its beauty and spa therapies as one of the top countries in Asia. We have 3 different Thai Massage therapies with different durations for you to choose (30 – 60 - 90 mins). We also offer a specific Thai Massage Package for Guests who particularly treasure their love only for Thai Massage.

Using the best quality ingredients of nature for your beauty to grow, Vanda Spa brings to you the best body scrub as well as body mask therapies which not only apply on either your whole body or a specific part of yours, but also naturally exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth, touchable, whitened and purified. We also offer you a list of numerous treatments varied from Head – Neck - Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage, and Back Massage to Body Massage. Beside of Thai Massage, we add in Vietnam Traditional Massage and Swedish Massage to give you more options for your relaxation.

Specifically designed to take care of your beautiful feet, the foot massage area has its own corner with various therapies to take the burden on your heels away and embrace your feet in the touch of a healing angel.

If you still find it hard to choose between this treatment and that therapy, we would love to offer you our exclusive spa packages which differ to each other to make it proper for your purpose of leisure. The Refreshment Package is designed to eliminate all the dead cells on your body and purify it with high quality ingredients for your body scrub and mask. Combining skincare and body massage, the Perfection Package provides you the complete relief and rejuvenation. If you would love to enjoy the relaxing moment with your friend or partner, we have Loving Touch and Together Packages including the peculiar Thai Massage to bring you’re a really unforgettable experience.

And for your furthest relaxation, sauna - steam bath and Jacuzzi would be complimentary along with any spa package that you book.

Indulge yourself and we will bring the holistic balance in your body and soul.